11th SHORT COURSE 2014

Lecturer: Prof. Markos Papageorgiou 
Date: 3-7 November 2014 
Location: Chania (Crete), Greece 
Fee: 1.700 € (for graduate students: 1.300 €) 
(20% reduction is granted in case of more than one participation from the same institution) 
The design, analysis, and evaluation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) requires a good knowledge of traffic flow modelling and control techniques as well as of powerful methodologies from the areas of optimisation, control, networks and dynamic systems. The purpose of the intensive 5-day course is to cover the basic theory, methods and tools necessary for efficient design and evaluation of ITS on road and freeway networks. After a basic introduction to dynamic systems and control, the course continues with traffic flow modelling and validation issues, covering various traffic flow models, the modelling of traffic networks, dynamic traffic assignment and simulation tools. Measurement devices and estimation problems in traffic networks, including automatic incident detection and OD estimation, are presented and discussed. The state-of-the-art techniques in freeway traffic control, road traffic control and integrated traffic control, employing ramp metering, signal control, variable speed limits and route guidance, together with several field-implemented case studies are presented. Future prospects and challenges related to emerging vehicle automation and communication systems are discussed. Brief accounts of modern optimisation, control and estimation techniques are provided. Some 50 exercises are used for consolidation of the provided knowledge. Extensive written materials, including all transparency copies, are handed out.
Who Should Attend 
Graduate students, engineers, researchers, consultants, and government employees who are interested in improving their understanding of advanced traffic flow modelling and control tools and in becoming familiar with their application in ITS. 
Please forward the information about the Short Course to any of your colleagues who may be interested. 
For more information 
For more information (Detailed Course Contents, About the Lecturer, Registration Form, Location, Accommodation, Evaluation of Previous Courses), please visit the site: http://www.dssl.tuc.gr/en/shortcourse/ShortCourseAnnouncement.doc or email shortcourse@dssl.tuc.gr  or contact:
Prof. Markos Papageorgiou 
Dynamic Systems & Simulation Laboratory 
University Campus 
GR-73100 Chania, GREECE 
Tel: +30-28210-37240 
Fax: +30-28210-37584/69410