ERTICO eMagazine September 2013

ERTICO eMagazine

September 2013

ITS in Croatia, Tokyo and beyond!

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Regional, international and worldwide cooperation and exchange of information and ideas is on the menu for this September edition of the ERTICO eMagazine.

The first article takes a close look at the newest and 28th member of the European Union, Croatia. How did ITS develop in Croatia, what are Croatia’s ITS strategy and priorities, what does Croatia expect from the EU membership and what are Croatia’s current major projects and activities? These main topics are dealt with in the first contribution written by Maria De Rycke ( , the newly appointed ERTICO Communication Manager.

The worldwide ITS Community will meet next month in Tokyo, Japan at the 20th ITS World Congress, to focus on how ITS will affect future generations. With its worldwide reputation as a centre of innovation and digital expertise, Tokyo will host the ITS community under the world congress title ???Open ITS to the Next???. ERTICO’s Ian Bearder takes you through the initiatives that will be taken by the ERTICO Partnership in Tokyo ( to represent the multiple European ITS projects and activities.


ERTICO is proud to welcome a major industry player and one of Japan’s flagship companies in the deployment of ITS, namely FUJITSU TEN, who joined the ERTICO Partnership late in 2013. In the third and final article, ERTICO’s Carla Coppola had the pleasure to interview Akihiro Fujiwara ( , Vice President of the Technical Centre Nuremberg of FUJITSU EN Europe GmbH and Yoshinari Shiraishi, Executive Chief Engineer, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED. One of the main focus areas for FUJITSU TEN in Europe is safety and especially the European emergency service eCall.


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