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Issue:4, 23 April 2013


We need to rethink the way we function, the way we produce and consume.

These were the words of Janez Poto??nik, European Commissioner for Environment, during a speech on the sustainable economy in Geneva on 17 April.

Our future, he said taking into account human population growth and growing per-capita consumption rate will be very much shaped by how well we manage existing limited resources.

His warning was clear, and this ‘management of resources’ will be vitally important for industries such as travel and transport which count for as much as 24% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union.

For this reason I am delighted to introduce this month’s eMagazine which leads with an article by Anouk Van den Bussche who examines a number of pioneering EU projects which are turning ‘eco-driving’ research into fuel-saving technologies.


Developing Eco-driving technologies and skills, from research to practice

Driving a car inevitably means consuming fuel and impacting the environment. According to the European Environment Agency, 24% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union are to be attributed to the transport sector in general and 17% directly to road transport. Could the way we drive improve these figures? Eco-driving experts believe it can and should. Continue Reading... (

Your ultimate guide to the 9th ITS European Congress (

Next we have an article from ERTICO’s hard-working American Intern, Mollie M. Wagoner, which tells you everything you need to know about the up-coming ITS European Congress in Dublin. Her ‘Ultimate Guide’ highlights the main events and activities, lists the key speeches and speakers and gives an overview of the many workshops and demonstrations.

If you are coming to Dublin in June, be sure to read her article in full! (

ITS Explorer: Austria  (

Finally, we have the first in a series of articles which aims to explore ITS in Europe.  With the 2013 ITS European Congress just a month away, we thought it would be nice to start our ‘Euro tour’ with a trip to Austria, hosts of the World Congress in 2012.

Martin Russ, Managing Director of AustriaTech and General Secretary of ITS Austria answers my questions about his home country, while Ian Bearder reflects on the excellence of an online Austrian route planner.  Continue Reading... (


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