Special Issue of the journal "Networks" on Robust Network Optimization

Call for Papers: Special Issue of the journal "Networks" on Robust Network 

Network parameters such as those defining the traffic matrix are generally 
uncertain. This uncertainty is typically the result of two factors: the 
intrinsic variability of the network parameters and the lack of information 
about these parameters. Consequently, it is important to take uncertainty 
into account when the network is designed or/and managed. 

Robust Optimization is one of the techniques that can help to incorporate 

We would like to receive original, high-quality research papers that address 
Robust Network Optimization. We are especially interested in submissions 
contributing to the following areas: 

- Robust routing under uncertainty. 
- Resource assignment under uncertainty (dimensioning, provisioning, 
wavelength assignment, etc.) 
- Survivability under uncertainty. 
- Network location under uncertainty. 
- Exact and approximation algorithms for robust network optimization 

Submissions should be electronically sent to Pr. Walid BEN-AMEUR (Telecom 
SudParis, CNRS Samovar, France) at Walid.benameur@it-sudparis.eu no later 
than 31 January, 2013.