Use cases and pilots

eCOMPASS user services will be evaluated and validated against the user requirements specifications and the developed business and exploitation plans (WP7); the evaluation will involve a series of usage scenarios that will be planned and executed within the running period of the project. The usage scenarios and the corresponding use cases will be designed and specified in detail in the User Requirements and System Architecture Specification phase (WP1). The pilots will be planned so as to cover the most important aspects of eCOMPASS and validate its modularity and adaptation in multi-purpose scenarios and for different target groups. The following use cases are foreseen for eCOMPASS:

  • Private vehicle routing
  • Routing of fleets of carrier vehicles
  • Multimodal transportation human mobility
  • Tourists spending multiple days at a destination, moving through multimodal transportation

Based on the abovementioned use cases, pilot tests will be conducted in the city of Berlin organized by partner TomTom, using road infrastructure elements, vehicle fleets, as well as car traffic data and public transportation data. The latter should be the most reliable and accurate real-time information for road and public transportation networks in order to facilitate residents and visitors in reaching their destination faster, easier and more safely. The target groups of users will be citizens or tourists and appropriately selected vehicle drivers.