Expected Results

The main project’s outcome will comprise three independent end-products/services:

  • A private vehicle navigation system seamlessly offering visualization and narration of recommended vehicle routes through familiar on-board navigator terminals.
  • A fleet/logistics management system which will target all involved actors and include a ‘centralized’ management system used in the headquarters premises as well as on-board systems used by drivers.
  • A multimodal public transportation route planning service comprising two independent applications that correspond to the mobility scenarios described in objectives 3.1-3.2. This service will be provided through web and mobile applications. The latter will be developed upon smartphone platforms with high penetration among the public. Unlike web users, the mobile users will be provided location-based services (e.g. the default start point for a route will be the user’s current location) as well as context-aware services (for instance, a user will be suggested to visit a store within its opening times and will not be given the option of using a specific transportation modality at a time it is unavailable; a route recommendation that has not been faithfully followed will be updated taking into account the current time and location context).